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The Montessori Method in Lakeland, Florida

What is the Montessori Method?

The basic premise of the Montessori philosophy of education is that all children carry within them the adults they will become

What makes this program different?

We acknowledge that in order to develop their physical, intellectual and spiritual powers to the fullest, they must have the freedom to achieve through order and self-discipline.

Who developed the Montessori Method?

Dr. Maria Montessori developed what she called the "prepared environment" which already possesses a certain order and disposes children to develop at their own individual speeds, according to their own capacities, and in a non-competitive atmosphere in their first school years.

"Never let a child risk failure until he has a reasonable chance of success", said Dr. Montessori, understanding the necessity for the acquisition of a basic skill before its use in a competitive learning situation.

Further Understanding of the Montessori Method

The years between three and six are the years that a child most easily learns the ground rules of human behavior.

These years can be constructively devoted to "civilizing" children freeing them through the acquisition of good manners and habits, to take their places in their cultures.  Read more